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PlanetTalk have been in business for 20 years. They need a smart creative studio to help increase the level of awareness for their International Calling App in a two-prong brief (Creative and Marketing). The objective is to gain Top-of-Mind recall and increased market share out of existing overall by positioning themselves as the brand with the clearest voice call, at the most affordable rate in the international calling segment. We adopt the USP as the central idea and same as the core message. 

IDT are a family run business in nearly 100 years existence. They approach us to execute the introduction of freshness into their brand outlook in an ultimate total revamp. We approach by reviewing internal deliverables and then follow up with external brand design. The brief is anchored on the simple collaborative idea that when the proponent of a brand message owns the message beyond the simple threshold of understanding, then, delivering it clearly and effectively becomes easy.

Creative Starts are a new Ofsted registered day nursery in Manchester UK. They require a startup brand kit. We help to create materials to launch their brand identity and carefully develop introductory communication materials to help successfully launch to the market place. The Brand message underpins 'possibility' that comes with 'coming together'

Bridging_Lives is a Strategic Focus Unit of a London based religious worship society. They approach us to render communications support to their effort in effectively mentoring newly recruited members with tailored programmes. We create flyers and other deliverables relevant to identified goal.

Precious Kids day nursery need us to create a brand new identity for their newly registered day nursery. We step up to the plate by creating a brand strategy that hinges the core message on the central idea of 'Community Building'. The visual semiotics and tone of voice celebrate and communicate the value and importance of building a good sense of community in young children. The message is carefully crafted to depict PKD as a committed nursery to the belief that a good understanding of children's well-being and developmental processes is an important factor in building a good society.

Ethreadz want to cut their teeth in the burgeoning online fashion market but are running on a small budget. As such, they require an intelligent creative agency to work with their budget and achieve desired result. We create a new brand identity and successfully launch the brand in the online space. 

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