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Popag8 delivers Precious Kids Nursery New Brand Assets.

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

When it comes to helping clients stand out of crowd and increase bottom line, we never experiment. We just pull experience to the table.

Minimalist Website Design

When we were approached by Precious Kids, (one of the leading nurseries in North Manchester) to help re-position their brand, the issues were clear. The nursery was poised to handle the challenges of a new era and needed us to help fine-tune their marketing focus.

A number of solutions were put on the table which involved both internal and external branding. Also a new website was developed to in accordance to best digital practice. Functionality, Accessibility were top priority on our UX/UI proposition. Of course, aesthetics was high on the index.

Generally, the new website which featured an unusual minimalist nature in the childcare industry, is fitted with tools which help to monitor customer behaviour on the web pages and allows real time back-end interaction with customers.

Also, photography and video projects were carried out for client as part of marketing assets to be deployed for the next dispensation

"Our website is looking brilliant"

- Janet Burke, PKN Nursery Manager

We wish them all the best!

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